27 Jun 2011

Lacquers I used yesterday

Hey guys
I lined up the lacquers I used last night to the sponging. Here you can see them :)

The Depend without a visible number is the green to the right

26 Jun 2011

My first sponging + more

Today I came up with this cute design but the tape I used to make straight lines ruined the polish a bit because it wasn't dry enough.
I used the lacquers from Pieces - Soul Petrol, Highland Green & Red Berries and from H&M - White
 Anyway, I ended up removing this mani quite fast and made a mani with stripes and sponging gradient.
 This is my first time to try sponging - at least on nails :b I think it went pretty well except that the neon colours on my pinkie became too dark because there were too many layers of different neon colours.
The colours I used are:
Depend - no. 34, 35, 54, 131, 133, 159, 193, 223, 247, & that green colour again where the number has been worn out
H&M - Purple
Pieces - Red Berries
Models Own - Purple Mystique
Rimmel - Lycra Pro 312 Ultra Violet, 60 Seconds 605 Purple Reign & 60 Seconds 825 Sky High
Kiko - 333
Barry M - 308 Berry Ice Cream
Tiger - no. 17
Sally Hansen - Blue Me Away!
Essie - Turquoise & Caicos
Gosh - 597 Miss Minty
Rival de Loop - 55

24 Jun 2011

Summer green nails

Today(and last night) I did this manicure.
I think it's a lovely summer green mani which just cheers you up.
As a base I used Nubar - Reef Green
Then I stamped with gold stamping lacquer(unknown brand) and made details with Depend - no. 83 and Gosh - 572 Golden Bronze. As a finish I highlighted with Depend - no. 45

On the other hand I stamped with silver but it's very hard to see. I also think the gold makes it more warm and summer-like and the silver makes it more cool and not-so-summer-like ;)

22 Jun 2011

Emerald City

I'm sorry if you're disappointed in this very simple manicure.
Well I'm going to a party tonight and I'm wearing a green dress and I thought that this must be the ultimate party polish and it will match my dress.
The polish I'm talking about is Emerald City from Models Own. When I ordered it on the internet I thought it looked very turquoise green but then it arrived and it looked only green to me. The more I look at it the more turquoise it seems to me. When I was taking pictures I couldn't even make it look green. Maybe it's all blue tomorrow, who knows? ;)
For base I used Tigers' green polish no. 27 and I'm wearing 3 coats glitter polish I think :)
The polish is pretty much the exact same colour as my top but my camera ate all the green colour itself. It is actually green with only a hint of turquoise.

 No worries dear friends. I have summer holidays and tons of time so you will see more advanced manicures soon.

21 Jun 2011

My contest entry

Hi all
So you guys are now allowed to see my design for the Good Enough to Eat contest.
I did this Hawaiian theme with a Piña Colada on my thumb and a banana, a shrimp cocktail, a pineapple and the word "Hawaii" and a Chinese rose, which we in Danish call a Hawaii flower.
I hope you like it. You can vote for me(if mine is your favourite design) or your favourite design in this link. My design is entry number 44, but please vote for your favourite :)

For this design is used these lacquers:
H&M - Blue, White & Lemon Sorbet (all are mini lacquers)
Gosh - 552 Yellow Bombay
Depend - 247, 133, 83, 34 & a number I can't read :s it's a bright green colour
Kiko - 296
Nubar - Reef Green
And my black Nail Art Pen

Well that's it for now but I'm about to de a new manicure tonight or tomorrow.

19 Jun 2011

My first contest entry

Last night I made a manicure to enter the contest Good Enough to Eat but I can't show you until in a couple of days.
But I can show you the lovely colour that I used as base. It's H&M's mini lacquer in the colour Blue.

It's a lovely pastel blue and it's a very mild and like happy colour :) Very adorable

18 Jun 2011

100 lacquers

Today I counted my lacquers.
I got 100 'regular' lacquers, 5 stamping lacquers and one nail art pen.
Just a quick update because I thought it was a cute number. lol :)
How many lacquers do you guys have? :)

16 Jun 2011

XL plate for me! ^^

Hurray! Today my XL plate arrived in the mail with 5 special lacquers for stamping.
Today is also the day I got summer holidays and of course that means, more time for nails. So I had to try out two new lacquers which I accidentally bought today. Oops
Depend - no. 223 and 247 which I bought today
My XL plate with lacquers (black, white, blue, silver & gold)

My nails with Depend no. 223, 247 and 131. Design made with tape
Of course it wasn't enough to just paint my nails in different colours. I had to try my XL plate. Well, my XL stamper hasn't arrived yet so I used my small one. It's not really that good but so what, right? I can always remove it :b
When I was cleaning the plate I found it hard to remove the polish in those tiny ridges there are in some of the designs.
Does anyone have a tip for how you can clean the tiny details in stamping plates? :)

What I got yesterday

So, these are the polished that i got yesterday and had to try :)
My first Essie polish - Turquoise  & Caicos
My first Nubar polishes - Reef Green, Midnight Glory & Nubar 2010 (which is also my first flakie. I love it!) 
The only one of these I have tried yet is the Nubar 2010 flakie :)

15 Jun 2011

Polish addicted? I really must be

I'm beginning to think that I have a polish problem.
I can't even keep my nails polish free for 3 days. It has not even been 48 hours since I removed my nail polish. And the worse part must be that I did wear polish in the meantime - strengthening polish because my nails really need that.

Anyway, I did a little stamping on every nail but then I had to try my new lacquer Nubar 2010 from Nubar, my first flakie!

 I added different dark shimmer and holographic lacquers and added the lovely flakie on top

13 Jun 2011

Lots of lots of crack polish

I couldn't resist, I had to paint my nails again. It ended up being on top of what I had already.
I found out that it's pretty awesome with crack polish on top of crack polish on top of a colour :)
When you put on more than one crack polish, remember to apply top coat between them or it will just mess up. Another good idea is to pick crack polishes in very different colours, you don't really get the same effect with similar colours 'cuz it will be hard to tell the difference.
I also think it looks nice with crack polish on top of a glitter polish. The crack polish will tone down the BAM!-in-your-face-effect that glitter polish has. An idea could be if you put on a very lovely glitter polish for a party and the next day you can apply crack polish for a more everyday manicure without wasting the lovely glitter manicure.
Depend crack polish - Black on top of Barry M Instant Nail Effects - Blue on top of Barry M - Indigo
 I tried with another coat of the blue crack polish but it might be too much.
One thing is sure, when you apply three coats of crack polish you can really see the depth in the polish.
Barry M Instant Nail Effects - Blue on top of Depend crack polish - Black on top of Barry M Instant Nail Effects - Blue on top of Barry M - Indigo
  Depend crack polish - Purple on top of Barry M Instant Nail Effects - Blue on top of Depend crack polish - Black(only on half the nail) on top of Models Own - Emerald City
  Depend crack polish - Purple on top of Depend crack polish - Black on top of Barry M Instant Nail Effects - Blue on top of Barry M - Berry Ice Cream
Depend crack polish - Purple on top of Barry M Instant Nail Effects - Blue on top of Depend crack polish - Black on top of La Femme Beauty - Ultra Green

I can't really figure out if it's too much with three times crack polish or if it's just for cool enough people :b
What do you think? :)

One thing is sure, the next few days I'm gonna take care of my nails, they really need some strengthening polish. I also really really have to study for my exam on Thursday and it means no more polish until then :(

Pimped my phone

Because I didn't have more nails to paint I pimped my phone instead.

I used this motive or parts of it from the Konad plate I received the other day
Let me know what you think :)

11 Jun 2011

Testing of my new polishes

Today this Konad mini stamper kit arrived in the mail and I had to try it out with my new polishes.

I couldn't decide which polish to wear first so I made all my nail different and used all polished at the time. 

I must admit, I really adore the glitter lacquers especially Disco Mix from Models Own. It's this lovely mix of blue and pink-purple glitter and is the perfect party polish :)

So which nail/polish do you like the best? ;)

Look what arrived in the mail!

Yesterday some of my packages arrived but nobody was home so I went down to the post office to get them today.
Here's what I got
The colours aren't very good in the picture but I'm too lacy to take a good picture right now :b
From left to right: Barry M: Berry Ice Cream, Indigo, Instant Nail Effects Blue, Models Own: Disco Mix, Purple Mystique, Gun Grey, Emerald City, Evergreen.
And I got a free eyeliner with the Models Own polishes.

The colours look very lovely but the Emerald City looked more turquoise green on modelsownit.com where I got it. It's pretty much just green without the turquoise.

I can't wait to try them out! I will let you know when I do :)

9 Jun 2011

Pimping my nails

Today I felt like pimping my nails so I covered half of each nail in a different colour. I did this on top of my mani I had already.
But when I saw this tutorial I had to try that out
  Tutorial Double ligthning bolt

The lacquers I used are:
L'Oréal - Resist & Shine Titanium no. 732 and 736
Gosh - 550 Purple Heart and 593 Midnight Blue
La Femme Beauty - 34 Azure and 21 Baby Blue

They're all shimmery/chrome lacquers and one is holographic and I think they look pretty good together. The Baby Blue polish is maybe too bright with the others but when the others are all so similar you have to look a bit closely to see where the colour changes.

This is the first time I have used tape to make nail designs and I am surprised how well it works. You get the most perfect lines by using tape so I'm definitely going to do that another time.