22 Jun 2011

Emerald City

I'm sorry if you're disappointed in this very simple manicure.
Well I'm going to a party tonight and I'm wearing a green dress and I thought that this must be the ultimate party polish and it will match my dress.
The polish I'm talking about is Emerald City from Models Own. When I ordered it on the internet I thought it looked very turquoise green but then it arrived and it looked only green to me. The more I look at it the more turquoise it seems to me. When I was taking pictures I couldn't even make it look green. Maybe it's all blue tomorrow, who knows? ;)
For base I used Tigers' green polish no. 27 and I'm wearing 3 coats glitter polish I think :)
The polish is pretty much the exact same colour as my top but my camera ate all the green colour itself. It is actually green with only a hint of turquoise.

 No worries dear friends. I have summer holidays and tons of time so you will see more advanced manicures soon.

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