29 Aug 2011

Leopard print

I wanted to try to make a leopard print in three colours but it didn't get quite as good as I wanted it to be :b

I used H&M - Ocean Sand as base, Pieces - Golden Chokolate for the print and Tiger - 17 as highlighter.
Does any of you have tips for how to make a good leopard print with three colours? :)

27 Aug 2011

A bit more manageability in my lacquers

At the moment my lacquers are lying randomly in a big box/case, which makes it pretty hard to see all the colours and find the right lacquer.
To make it easier I got ten display wheels from eBay.
It took a whole day and half a bottle of polish thinner to go through all of my lacquers and paint the wheels.
Wheel 1 to 6  
Wheel 7 to 10. And the picture just wanted to rotate -.-'
Wheel 1: the black and blackish lacquers
Wheel 2: The green lacquers.
Wheel 3: The blue lacquers.
  Wheel 4: The purple lacquers.  
  Wheel 5: The pink, pinkish and red lacquers.  
  Wheel 6: The metallic lacquers, gold, silver, bronze..  
  Wheel 9: The crackle lacquers.  
  Wheel 10: The stamping lacquers and nail art pen.  
  Wheel 8: The turquoise lacquers.  
  Wheel 7: The yellow, orange, brown, white lacquers and flakies.  

A survey of which polishes that are on each wheel :)
This was also the perfect opportunity to count my lacquers so I did. I have 127 coloured lacquers(I've got three of Depends neon yellow) and that includes 5 stamping lacquers and a nail art pen. Besides that I have 10 transparent lacquers, base coats, top coats, you know :) That makes a total of 137 lacquers today :b
I think I'll separate my lacquers into smaller boxes after their brand, now I have my overview.
How do you ladies keep track of your lacquers? :)

21 Aug 2011

Very first leopard print

So I finally got some real nail brushes - a set of 15 brushes very cheap on eBay.

For the following design I used the first brush from the left.
Polish: H&M - Aqua, and the black: Rival de Loop - 30.
This is my very first leopard print ever. I started on my thumb and worked my way to my pinkie. I think you can see it gets better after a few nails :)
So what do you guys think? And do you also hand paint you leopard prints? :)

15 Aug 2011

Crackle gradient - or at least a try

A few days ago I made my nails glossy with my nail buffer. Here's how they turned out, very shiny and it's with no polish on ;)
So I hadn't had black nail for a looong time so that's what I put on. As you might be able to guess, it wasn't enough, I had to do something on top of the black.
 So I got this idea, a crackle gradient. On my left hand I think the gradient looked nice but there wasn't very much crackle.
 On the other hand I thought the crackle went much better but not the gradient. Well, I'll have to do it again some other time to try to make it better.
The lacquers I used are: Rival de Loop - 30 and OPI - Turquoise Shatter.

12 Aug 2011

A polished phone

I want to show you guys my polished phone :b
I know it's old but it works(and I might get a new one soon) :)
Front. There used to be hearts of polish all the way around the display. 
 Back when I didn't have that many polishes - mostly Depend - I painted two hearts of every Depend lacquer I had.
One heart around the camera of each Depend polish I had back then. And how I had the bottom of it for a long while.

For those of you who don't know/can't remember which colour it used to be, it's the same silver as around the camera.
 Just the other day I painted the side of the phone this turquoiseish blue Kiko polish with shimmer - no. 300
Redecorated the bottom with tea bag.
Se I redecorated the back in same style as it was before the blue polish. Earlier it was a pink tropical fruit tea bag as I recall and now it's some Indian tea in lovely colours ;)

Is you phone also polished? :)

9 Aug 2011

Metal look

 Today I wanna show you a mani with Depend - no. 223, a lovely silver polish. I've also used it here.
It's metallic and very awesome, it gives a alienlike/robotish look.

What do you guys think about silver polish? ;)

6 Aug 2011

Swatching my mums old polishes

I decided to swatch my mums' old polishes. Years ago she told me that I could use them as much as I wanted. 
Now I finally did
 6 of the lacquers are Constance Carroll Diamond Gloss and it surprised me how nice the consistency is after all these years. The colours are called Plum Wine, Sunburst, Sunglow, Copper Dust, Firebird & Ruby Sorbet. They're all redish shimmer polishes and Ruby Sorbet has gold shimmer in it. The last four lacquers are random brands and one of them also had a great consistency while the three others was awful. You can also see this in the pictures.
I'm not really a fan of red/pinkish polishes but some of them were kind of nice :)

2 Aug 2011

Bond, James Bond

Today I'm having a James Bond Marathon and of course I need matching nails ;)
Here's what I came up with: 

  If you can't tell  it's the gun barrel you always see in the beginning of the movies :)  

Again everything is free hand with my little brush and I used the lacquers: Rival de Loop - 30, Depend - white & red (the numbers have been worn out)

My right hand. I tried to do a matching design but I kinda screwed it up. Two of the fingers got smudged when I applied top coat but let's just pretend it's on purpose and it looks like blood ;)
I finished it off with Seche Vite fast dry top coat.
So how do you guys like it? :)