19 Jun 2012

Too little time

Hey there

I sadly realized that I'm way too busy to do advanced manis and blog about them.
But but but, in a week I will be done with all my exams and I'll have plenty of time.
So look forward to exiting manis and pictures of the magnetic one :)

11 Jun 2012

It's magnetic!

Hi ladies!
First I want to apologize for not blogging in, wow, more than a month. I've been busy studying for exams and enjoying the freedom between exams.

Anyway, The other day I saw magnetic Depend lacquers in the local Matas(drug store).
They had about 10 different colours and I had to buy one.
I bought a dark silver, no. 6007

Sadly the picture uploader isn't allowing me to upload pictures right now, but they will come later :)

27 Apr 2012

10 favourite manis

Sadly I haven't done anything exiting with my nails for the last week or two, so I decided to gather my favourites so far :)
I hope you'll enjoy :)
An old 'gradient' with crack polish :)
Agent Perry nails from last summer :)

My first - and sadly only so far - contest entry :)

Just some green pattern :)

I just found this from last summer and thought it was quite cute.
Can't remember I made it though :b

The Mandelbrot set :)

My Bond nails. I'm still a little impressed that I could make those :)

My very first leopard pattern :)

Attempt on doing crackle gradient :)

Summer nails with a twist :)
Which is your favourite? Or do you have any awesome ideas of which mani could be cool? :)

13 Apr 2012

New Models Own laquers!

I ordered some new Models Own lacquers and I got them today :)
Two of them are from their new Beetle Juice collection from which I already have two lacquers.
I really love Models Own lacquers 'cuz they're cheap and comes in the most amazing colours. Check it out at modelsownit.com
I think they're all adorable and I'm looking forward to using them :)
The new lacquers, from left to right: Copper Pot, Pinky Brown Beatle Juice, Indian Ocean, Golden Green Beatle Juice & Blue Moon

My current Models Own stash :)

12 Apr 2012

Beetle love

I thought it was time for some mood changing polish and this beauty is from Models Own and is called Purple Blue Beetle Juice.
I tried to catch all the nuances with my camera and as its name says it should be purple and blue shades.

I really adore this lacquer because it has shades of red, purple and blue in it and it just makes you turn you fingers discover and admire its beauty.

10 Apr 2012

Pink girls night

I had my friend over some time ago and I tried off one of my ideas on her nails.
This is my attempt on doing a Chinese cherry tree. The pictures aren't great and if you can't tell there's bench on each ring finger. The pink leaves are supposed to be flying from the tree on the thumb through the other fingers.

For myself I did a simple pink and black cracked mani.

8 Apr 2012

Matte with pattern

Time for a matte mani and this baby is from Depend.
 A little stamping was needed and this is the final result :)

I hope you're all having a happy Easter :)

7 Apr 2012

Summer nails with a twist

Once again it's time for my summer nails and this time it's because my mood needed some cheering up and summer.
There's a little twist on the left thumb but the rest is the usual.

I'm having a hard time finding a neon purple, the closest I've got is with shimmer and haven't got that neon brightness.
Has any of you found a pretty neon purple lacquer anywhere? :)

6 Apr 2012

Sealed with a diamond

So I got a new padlock for my locker at school and I had to decorate it a bit :)
I decided to try to make a diamond to seal my locker and here it is

4 Apr 2012

Sparkle sparkle little star

For even more sparkles I used two coats of Nubar - Star Sparkle and topped with a coat of Essence - Hello Holo. My camera didn't catch it perfectly but there was glitter all over my nails, it was sooo glamorous and sparkled in every colour :)

3 Apr 2012

New look

As you might have noticed I changes the look of the blog and I hope you like it.
I thought it needed to be freshened up :)
What do you think about it? :)

2 Apr 2012

Circus Confetti

A little glitter while we wait for the summer. Actually this picture is two months old and I'm sorry I haven't been blogging for pretty much that long.
Anyway, for this mani I used some coats of Essence - Circus Confetti over black :)
Don't worry, more posts are coming up :)

24 Mar 2012

No more Frk. Fine

As you might have read on Stines' and my joined blog Stine will stop blogging because she hasn't got the time. I will keep posting on this blog but I can't promise it will be often, because I am very busy, too.
I will do my best to update you guys on my newest manicures and I hope you will keep reading :)
I have a few manis just waiting to be written about and posted here, so you have something to look forward to. :)

6 Feb 2012

Phineas & Ferb

Last week I hand painted Phineas, Ferb and Candace on my nails and here you go! :)
 Ferbs' eyes got a little blurry and Candace maybe a little too mad, but I think it went well :)
If any of you wonder why Phineas and Candace are called Flynn and Ferb are called Fletcher I found out.
"Ferb Fletcher is the stepson of Linda Flynn and son of Lawrence Fletcher. He has a stepsister named Candace, and a stepbrother named Phineas."
So Ferb is only the stepbrother of Phineas and Candace.

8 Jan 2012

Winter nails

When I pimped my Chanel nails I also made winter nails on my dear friend.
The tree is inspired by Robin Moses' here and the rest is just by myself ;)

 And together with her awesome ring ;)

Hope you're not freezing to death out in the cold ;)

6 Jan 2012

Christmas green glitter

In the middle of December I was wearing Emerald City from Models Own and I think it's actually really Christmassy. Earlier when I've just bought the polish I swatched it here.
It contains green glitter and lots of it! I simply love it and it made me in a good mood every time I looked at my nails.
I think my camera caught the green colour much better this time even though the photos are a bit dark.

4 Jan 2012

New Years glitter

Some time ago I wore this mani with black polish topped with plenty of Essence - 07 Blair and I think the glitter is kinda New-Yearish.
Blair contains hexagonal silver glitter  in different sizes and tiny squared, I think, silver glitter with holographic effect. In the first two photos you can see the holo glitter :)

2 Jan 2012

Fish in the ocean

Well, this was supposed to be a fish in the deep blue ocean, buut it didn't turn out that well.
 If you can't tell, the fish' head is on my index finger, the body on my middle finger and the tail on my ring finger.