27 Apr 2012

10 favourite manis

Sadly I haven't done anything exiting with my nails for the last week or two, so I decided to gather my favourites so far :)
I hope you'll enjoy :)
An old 'gradient' with crack polish :)
Agent Perry nails from last summer :)

My first - and sadly only so far - contest entry :)

Just some green pattern :)

I just found this from last summer and thought it was quite cute.
Can't remember I made it though :b

The Mandelbrot set :)

My Bond nails. I'm still a little impressed that I could make those :)

My very first leopard pattern :)

Attempt on doing crackle gradient :)

Summer nails with a twist :)
Which is your favourite? Or do you have any awesome ideas of which mani could be cool? :)


  1. Nice, Katrine ! ;-) That agent P and the rainbow rocks !! <3 Marianna

  2. how did you do the mandelbrot set ones?!

  3. I painted my nail in the lightest purple, painted the Mandelbrot set from a picture - started with the 'body' and worked my way to the smaller details. Then I painted with darker and darker purple on the outside :)