31 Dec 2011

Blue with bubbles

I painted on my friends nails, the same friend who told me to make temples.
I did some crack polish first and added some bubbles.
This is how it turned out :)

29 Dec 2011

Temple and eagle

So,  a long time ago eventually, I asked my friend what to paint on my nails and she told me Greek temples. 
This is my attempt: 
 The bird on the middle finger was supposed to be an eagle or something like that :b

27 Dec 2011

Chanel for Christmas

This Christmas I was the lucky and very happy receiver of a beautiful Chanel lacquer. It's called 531 Péridot and is a lovely gold colour with green and bronze shine.
I tried to capture the lovely colour in it, here you go:

 Then I felt like adding some kind of black pattern. Here's what it turned out to be :)

I hope you guys had a lovely Christmas too and got some awesome presents :)

18 Nov 2011

Powerpuff Girls

So, Theresa N., I finally made Powerpuff Girls nails as you requested :)
I've been very busy with homework and stuff lately so that's why it took so long :) well here you go

Lacquers used:
Etude House - Java Blue
L'Oreal - 736
Nail Star - Black Nail Art Pen & Brush
Dearlee -016
Kiko - 296
H&M - Blue (mini)
Rimmel - 442 French Rose
Revlon - unknown
Depend - unknown(red)
Nail Star - Yellow Nail Art Pen & Brush  Nail Star - Orange Nail Art Pen & Brush
H&M - Lemon Sorbet (mini)
Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat

21 Oct 2011

Glowing in the dark

First I wanna say I'm sorry for not have blogging in a month and a half - omg that sounds so much. As Stine said, we've been very busy with work, school and everything.
 About two months ago I wore these luminous false nails. 
I bought the nails here on BornPrettyStore.
Because they have that yellowish colour, the same as those glowing stars you had on ceiling, which I think was boring in the daylight, I painted them black underneath.
This is what they looked like in daylight:
And in the dark ;)
I think they're the ultimate party nails :b
What do you think? ;)

8 Sep 2011

Ninja Turtles

The other day my friend had these cool Ninja Turtles nails made by a friend of hers. 

4 Sep 2011

Inspired mani SSK

Hi guys!
Last Tuesday the swimming season started where Stine and I work, so we decided to do a mani for the occasion.
Our swimming clubs' colours are bright orange and black.
The base colour is Depend - 133, a neon orange that dries matteish. 

Thumb: the logo of the swimming club, index: SSK, short for Solrød SvømmeKlub(Solrød (the citys' name) Swimming Club), middle: a man swimming crawl, ring: a head dive and little: Solrød

  For the water: Barry M - Indigo

2 Sep 2011

Rainbow nails

So I wanted to do a different neon rainbow than I use to and here's how it turned out. 

Lacquers used from yellow to green:
Depend - 35
Depend - 133
Depend - 34
Rimmel - 605 Purple Reign (on right hand mixed with Rimmel - 312 Ultra Violet)
Sally Hansen - 130 Blue Me Away!
Dearlee - 016

Do you guys like neons and do you also make these 'rainbows'? :)

29 Aug 2011

Leopard print

I wanted to try to make a leopard print in three colours but it didn't get quite as good as I wanted it to be :b

I used H&M - Ocean Sand as base, Pieces - Golden Chokolate for the print and Tiger - 17 as highlighter.
Does any of you have tips for how to make a good leopard print with three colours? :)

27 Aug 2011

A bit more manageability in my lacquers

At the moment my lacquers are lying randomly in a big box/case, which makes it pretty hard to see all the colours and find the right lacquer.
To make it easier I got ten display wheels from eBay.
It took a whole day and half a bottle of polish thinner to go through all of my lacquers and paint the wheels.
Wheel 1 to 6  
Wheel 7 to 10. And the picture just wanted to rotate -.-'
Wheel 1: the black and blackish lacquers
Wheel 2: The green lacquers.
Wheel 3: The blue lacquers.
  Wheel 4: The purple lacquers.  
  Wheel 5: The pink, pinkish and red lacquers.  
  Wheel 6: The metallic lacquers, gold, silver, bronze..  
  Wheel 9: The crackle lacquers.  
  Wheel 10: The stamping lacquers and nail art pen.  
  Wheel 8: The turquoise lacquers.  
  Wheel 7: The yellow, orange, brown, white lacquers and flakies.  

A survey of which polishes that are on each wheel :)
This was also the perfect opportunity to count my lacquers so I did. I have 127 coloured lacquers(I've got three of Depends neon yellow) and that includes 5 stamping lacquers and a nail art pen. Besides that I have 10 transparent lacquers, base coats, top coats, you know :) That makes a total of 137 lacquers today :b
I think I'll separate my lacquers into smaller boxes after their brand, now I have my overview.
How do you ladies keep track of your lacquers? :)

21 Aug 2011

Very first leopard print

So I finally got some real nail brushes - a set of 15 brushes very cheap on eBay.

For the following design I used the first brush from the left.
Polish: H&M - Aqua, and the black: Rival de Loop - 30.
This is my very first leopard print ever. I started on my thumb and worked my way to my pinkie. I think you can see it gets better after a few nails :)
So what do you guys think? And do you also hand paint you leopard prints? :)

15 Aug 2011

Crackle gradient - or at least a try

A few days ago I made my nails glossy with my nail buffer. Here's how they turned out, very shiny and it's with no polish on ;)
So I hadn't had black nail for a looong time so that's what I put on. As you might be able to guess, it wasn't enough, I had to do something on top of the black.
 So I got this idea, a crackle gradient. On my left hand I think the gradient looked nice but there wasn't very much crackle.
 On the other hand I thought the crackle went much better but not the gradient. Well, I'll have to do it again some other time to try to make it better.
The lacquers I used are: Rival de Loop - 30 and OPI - Turquoise Shatter.

12 Aug 2011

A polished phone

I want to show you guys my polished phone :b
I know it's old but it works(and I might get a new one soon) :)
Front. There used to be hearts of polish all the way around the display. 
 Back when I didn't have that many polishes - mostly Depend - I painted two hearts of every Depend lacquer I had.
One heart around the camera of each Depend polish I had back then. And how I had the bottom of it for a long while.

For those of you who don't know/can't remember which colour it used to be, it's the same silver as around the camera.
 Just the other day I painted the side of the phone this turquoiseish blue Kiko polish with shimmer - no. 300
Redecorated the bottom with tea bag.
Se I redecorated the back in same style as it was before the blue polish. Earlier it was a pink tropical fruit tea bag as I recall and now it's some Indian tea in lovely colours ;)

Is you phone also polished? :)