31 Dec 2011

Blue with bubbles

I painted on my friends nails, the same friend who told me to make temples.
I did some crack polish first and added some bubbles.
This is how it turned out :)

29 Dec 2011

Temple and eagle

So,  a long time ago eventually, I asked my friend what to paint on my nails and she told me Greek temples. 
This is my attempt: 
 The bird on the middle finger was supposed to be an eagle or something like that :b

27 Dec 2011

Chanel for Christmas

This Christmas I was the lucky and very happy receiver of a beautiful Chanel lacquer. It's called 531 Péridot and is a lovely gold colour with green and bronze shine.
I tried to capture the lovely colour in it, here you go:

 Then I felt like adding some kind of black pattern. Here's what it turned out to be :)

I hope you guys had a lovely Christmas too and got some awesome presents :)