About me and my nails

My stash end of March 2012. My lacquers on nail wheels except the transparent and stamping lacquers. At this moment I have a little more than 200 lacquers and a few more are still coming.
Hi all!
I'm eighteen years old and I live in Denmark.
I spend a lot of my time in the swimming bath which means that my manis do not last as long as other peoples' do. On the bright side, that means that I can make new manis more often without removing a mani that still looks nice.
Well, I love colours(especially purple) and that is reflected in my polishes, I think. For an example I have more green lacquers than I have pink and red together(which I would consider the classic nail polish colours). And I have even more blue and purple lacquers than I have green.
Anyway, I love creative manis and it's not very often that you see me with an one-colour mani and when you do it's a wild colour ;)
I made this blog to share my manis with you because lots of people tell me that they're crazy and very nice(and some people just thinks I'm crazy to use so much time and money on my nails). I hope you'll like my manis, too.
At any time, feel free to propose ideas for my next mani. I would love some inspiration from others.

Love Katrine

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