16 Jun 2011

XL plate for me! ^^

Hurray! Today my XL plate arrived in the mail with 5 special lacquers for stamping.
Today is also the day I got summer holidays and of course that means, more time for nails. So I had to try out two new lacquers which I accidentally bought today. Oops
Depend - no. 223 and 247 which I bought today
My XL plate with lacquers (black, white, blue, silver & gold)

My nails with Depend no. 223, 247 and 131. Design made with tape
Of course it wasn't enough to just paint my nails in different colours. I had to try my XL plate. Well, my XL stamper hasn't arrived yet so I used my small one. It's not really that good but so what, right? I can always remove it :b
When I was cleaning the plate I found it hard to remove the polish in those tiny ridges there are in some of the designs.
Does anyone have a tip for how you can clean the tiny details in stamping plates? :)

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