19 Jun 2011

My first contest entry

Last night I made a manicure to enter the contest Good Enough to Eat but I can't show you until in a couple of days.
But I can show you the lovely colour that I used as base. It's H&M's mini lacquer in the colour Blue.

It's a lovely pastel blue and it's a very mild and like happy colour :) Very adorable


  1. Nej hvor spændende, glæder mig til at se hvad du fandt på! :)

  2. Ja hehe. I kan få det at se i morgen og i mellemtiden kan jeg fortælle at temaet er Hawaii ;)

  3. hey we both joined the contest! best of luck!


    followed! hope u visit me too!

  4. Best of luck to you, too! I really like your entry it's lovely.

    I followed you, too. You make some amazing designs :)