5 Jun 2011

Older manicures

I have a couple of pictures of older manicures that I would also like to share.
About three weeks ago I did this manicure:
As you can see I took the photo a couple of days after I made it at it doesn't look that good, but anyway here it is.
I used the following colours in this order to make horizontal stripes:
Pieces - heavy metal
Tiger - colour no. 17
Depend - no. 45
Gosh - 572 Golden bronze
Pieces - Golden chokolate

On top I used Depends crack polish in black. This manicure looked great together with my totally cute giraffe ring and clothes in the style of safari ;)

A little less than a week before I made this manicure. It's the same design as the one you've just seen but with different colours.
For this mani I used the following lacquers to make the stripes in this order:
Gosh - 597 Miss Minty
H&m - Blue (as i recall)
Sally Hansen - 130 Blue Me Away!
Gosh - special edition no. 001 Lavender Love
Rimmel - Lycra Pro no. 312 Ultra Violet
Rimmel - 60 seconds no. 605 Purple Reign

On top I used Depends purple crack polish and finished it off with Gosh - no. 600 Matt Effect Top Coat which is a polish I really adore.

A last mani for now is one I made back in March.
I know it's not pretty around my nails but that's how much I bothered to remove :b
The lacquers used is:
H&m - Pure White
Depend - no. 199, 196 and 54
Rival de Loop - no. 55 (i think, it's a long time ago now :b)
Gosh - 556 Cool Blue

If you have any ideas for what I should do next please write me a comment and I will be happy to make it as good as I can.

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