7 Jun 2011

Gosh - Purple Heart

Today I did the most simple manicure as long as I can remember. Only one colour. Okay I admit it, the lacquer contains several colours.
What I'm talking about is Gosh - 550 Purple Heart. It's a very lovely holographic lacquer and mostly shines purple but also has greenish colours in it.
Here you can see the purple colour and it shines more in natural light. I just loove it!
It looks a bit ruff but that's not the lacquer it's my nail that's kind of torn apart.
Here you can see some of the greenish shimmer.

On the tip of the my nail it's almost yellow.
I think it's an amazing lacquer and in the bottle it has a very oily colour.
I put on two layers but one covers pretty good also.

The sad part is that when I went to swim practice today it all fell off. Okay I helped it a bit :b But that means new polish again tomorrow - or tonight! :)

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