5 Jun 2011

Rearrangement of my lacquers

Yesterday I rearranged my lacquers so they don't take up that much space but in a way that they're all still visible :)
This is how my lacquers are arranged now:
My base coats, top coats, black nail art pen and other transparent lacquers couldn't fit into this so they're placed in the back. You can see it from the other side here:
In a total this counts 87 lacquers and I've bought 12 more on line and they're on their way to me in the mail                  and I'm very excited to receive them :)                                                                                                                        

This is how my lacquers were arranged before:                                                                                                        
Maybe you noticed that some of the old lacquers are not in the new photo. That's because they're totally used up but I couldn't stand to throw them out so I just hid them :b

How do you keep your lacquers, in a box or where everyone can see them? :)

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