8 Jun 2011

Lovely shimmer polish

So I did my nails again last night. Twice in a day - that must be a record. lol
Anyway, it's a bit similar to the polish I used earlier in the day. They both look black with holographic shimmer(Gosh) or shimmer(L'Oréal) in pretty colours, but when you get it on they're not black at all. Of course they're dark but they contain so much shimmer that the colour really shine through - especially in the sun. Very lovely both of them!
So the lacquer I put on in the night(yeah, it was actually night) has this very very pretty turquoise shimmer that I totally adore.
The lacquer is from L'Oréal in the Resist & Shine Titanium series and is no. 736
I know, I didn't clean my nails but I didn't feel up to do it because is was getting late and all that.
Anyway, the bottle is kinda weird. First I thought I had broken it when I tried to open it because half of the lid just went off. When I bought this polish I also bought another from the same brand and it did the same with the lid so I figured that it's on purpose.
This is how it looks when the lid is taken off.
Imagine this shimmer out in the sun - suddenly there's a thousand times this shimmer(okay maybe not but really much) in the polish. It looks so beautiful, didn't I say that already. Haha. Anyway I love it! :)

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