26 Jul 2011

Kiko from Milan

Hello there.

 I got home from Milan yesterday morning and now I want to show you which polishes I got there. 

I only went to Kiko's where I got 5 polishes. They only cost €2,5 and they contain 11 ml. How can you not love Kiko? (rhetorical question) They have soo many different colours and also make-up.
I also bought a small glass nail file because my other one has vanished ;( It also only costed €2,5. How awesome is that :)
The Kiko lacquers I got, from left to right: no. 235, 240, 300, 341, 342
And from the front. Orange with gold shimmer, red, dark blue-turquoise-ish with shimmer, blue-turquoise-ish very ocean like & turquoise-green-ish
Yesterday I painted a little skull on one of my nails before I removed my polish(heavy metal). I used my black nail art pen.
Here's what it looked like:
 Do you like it? :)

Here's a pic of the nail file so you can see how big/small it is. I think it's a bit larger than the one I had before.
On the pic I've wearing Kiko no. 341, I just loove the colour, very fresh, summerlike and waterish. Adorable :)
It's like my camera doesn't catch the turquoise in the lacquer. Just imagine it with a hint of green ;)
 Does any of you know the brand Kiko and how do you like it?
It's from Milan and they have stores in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Portugal. (Here's a store locator from their website - look how Italy is totally spammed with Kiko shops :b)

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