7 Jul 2011

Hello frenchie. Long time no see

Today I did a classic french mani and I can't even remember why, but I think it turned out pretty cute.

I might keep this mani for some days ;)
I used Depend - no. 31 and Rimmel - Lycra French Manicure 442 French Rose

I also did my toes today. 
Barry M - Berry Ice Cream and H&M Blue Wave
Because of the sheerness of Blue Wave it is on top of Berry Ice Cream, which is a pastel pinky purple. Now it's purple without the extra pink. Even though Blue Wave is so sheer, it really has lots of lots of shimmer in it - blue and purple shimmer. Adorable.
The shimmer was very hard to 'catch' with the camera but I hope you can see it in the pictures below :)

I have no idea why, but this picture insisted on turning the wrong way -.-'
Enjoy your summer! :)

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